Age and health assessments

Ill health affects us all so when we are sick or injured and it affects our ability to drive. Assessments with some simple verbal questions will help you or your health care provider make decisions on how to support your future driving. Choose your car or mine, whichever is the most suitable for your needs. Written reports are available.


Corporate assessments

So driving a company car or van is a big responsibility; you are advertising your business. You may have other drivers advertising your business. Are the vehicle drivers in your business safe and courteous? Your company vehicle – your repair costs; let’s help to reduce those times when vehicles are down for repairs and see if we can reduce everyday expenses too. Assessments with a full written report is available.


Learner licence holders

A 1-hour lesson focussed on supporting you to improve your driving skills. This will lead you towards your goad of gaining your restricted driving licence. From having never been behind the wheel to a pre-driving test refresher, this has you covered.


Restricted licence holders

Building from your learner licence, this 1-hour lesson will further improve your skills and experience. This will move you towards your Full test. Why would you have the potential to not achieve from a habit that you may have picked up along the way; driving lessons will get you on the right track.


Motorcycle courses, coaching & licence assessments

People ride bikes for many reasons. One of the reasons if the sense of freedom. Riding a bike has far more human involvement and it is fun. Whether commuting or for fun get your licence and improve your riding with me. All motorcycle training and assessment is via Prorider; see what’s available here:

A great car to learn in

Toyota make some great cars and this is no exception. Hybrid technology yet far from boring; with modern push-button keyless start and great 5-star safety rating so we know that you are safe from the manufacturer. Dual controls so that you know that if needed I can gain control. The greatest control method is calm, clear and reassuring and early instructions.

Aspire Driving car picture

Any of these services are, of course open for discussion for specific learning outcomes. We will work together on the areas that you need to become a better driver. I see no importance on going over skills that you already have time and time again. Let’s work through your driving lesson and move towards your driving education goals and freedom.