Welcome to Aspire Driving

Specialising in medical driving assessments

Prior to returning from sickness or injury you may need a driving assessment; this is where I come in

Colin Bamforth

Aspire Driving – Instructor

“Why us?” you may ask, so I will tell you a little more about how I can help you achieve what you want.

I have been driving emergency vehicles for over 30 years and I have been training people in these vehicles for about 10 years; I’d say that I am experienced. Working for St John teaching and assessing gives credibility for my independent work with Aspire Driving.

Driving assessments for medical reasons or a mock driving test I can help you.

So for driving assessments and mock driving tests in you should choose me; I can help you achieve results.

Friendly and approachable

Coaching you through your driving rather than telling you your faults at the end. Build your confidence throughout the driving lesson and increase your skills.

Fully qualified and highly experienced in the role of teaching people

Clear descriptions on how to drive and clear debriefing of the situations that we will encounter as we drive. Prefer to look at diagrams; well I have that covered too. Sometimes the ways that people learn is different. I will use all of the usual teaching methods to get your driving lesson suited to you.

I will be expanding on any driving experience that you may have

For medical assessments, we will look at the concern and the remedy for that. Injury and illness can alter body and mind and these can affect the ability to drive either physically or mental fatigue. I will work with your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist to help you.

The right outcome

I will work with you, your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist to help you back into driving. You need to work too so we are a team. Driving schools in Whangarei differ; make sure you chose the right one; choose a specialist. Let's chat so that you know who you are booking with.

Drive Eco-friendly with the Hybrid technology

Responsive, fuel efficient and fun

Toyota Aqua

The car cleverly changes to and from battery to petrol and back again with no need to change your driving at all.

5 Stars safety

A small car but with great crash test results. The safety factor that we won't be using. Dual controls for our safety and to build your confidence.

Modern Equipment ​

Push-button start and good ergonomics. Intuitive controls with nothing quirky.

Who is your instructor?

Many new instructors go to work for major companies to gain experience so do you really have an experienced instructor teaching you or your loved one? With over 30 years in emergency driving and almost 10 years in driver training I can build on skills you have or if you are starting anew, I can get you on the right path from the word Go!

Driving Lessons

While some instructors have offered free lessons in the past it was simply that; in the past. Our driving lessons price is $75 per lesson for a full hour with coaching throughout the lesson. Any questions are answered clearly and I have time to ensure that you fully understand what is wanted for your driving test and to improve your driving skills. Driving lessons differ from provider to provider so the best fit for you is important. Cheapest is not necessarily the best. Fewer lessons will make for a cheaper experience in the long run. You will be in the driving seat as soon as possible with Aspire Driving and I truly believe that I can make a difference to your driving skills. You will see progress and I will note what we have done between lessons and a plan for the coming lesson too so that you know what we have covered and what we will cover. Do you want a prepaid package of lessons? For a 5-lesson package I charge just $365 paid up front and lessons are booked as required; how’s that for a deal7